Fischers Marina, Kattskill Bay, NY

Lake George Boat Rentals, Inc.


  1. When a boat enters the marina, it immediately comes under the general jurisdiction of the management. Except for overnight guests, a dockage contract must be signed by the owner or master of every boat.
  2. No exchanges will be permitted between boat owners of mooring spaces designated in mooring contracts without prior approval of the management, who reserves the right to change berth assignments, to move boats and to re-assign berths during the temporary absence of the permanent occupant.
  3. Only pleasure boats, in good condition, under their own power, shall be admitted to berthing areas. In the event of an emergency during the owner’s absence, the dock master is authorized to make necessary repairs which will be charged to the boat owner.
  4. Any condition aboard any boat or float or gangplank which, in the opinion of management, constitutes a fire hazard or health menace or a danger to public safety must be corrected immediately by the owner.
  5. Refuse, oil or inflammable liquids shall not be thrown overboard in the marina harbor. Garbage must be deposited in receptacles supplied for that purpose. The boat owner must comply with rules as they may be promulgated concerning installation of sewage devices.
  6. Installation of gangplanks, floats, rubbing piles, mooring devices or any other equipment can be made only by arrangement with management.
  7. Boat owners shall not store supplies, materials, accessories or debris on any walkway, and shall not construct thereon any lockers, chests, cabinets or similar structures, except with the approval of the dock master. Painting, scraping or repairing of gear is not permitted at piers. Extent of repairs and maintenance shall be at the discretion of management.
  8. Noise must be kept to a minimum at all times. Patrons shall use discretion in operating engines, generators, radios and television sets, so as not to create a disturbance.
  9. Any sale, purchase or exchange of boats occupying permanent mooring space must be immediately reported to management.
  10. Advertising or soliciting is not permitted on any boat within the marina. Neither the boat nor the marina address may be used for business purposes without specific approval of management.
  11. Swimming, diving or fishing is not permitted from the piers or boats.
  12. Laundry may not be hung on boats, docks or finger piers in the marina.
  13. Neither “For Sale” signs on boats nor other signs may be posted on piles, gangplanks or floats without prior permission from management.
  14. Small tenders and rowboats are permitted to be moved within the limits of the assigned berthing space.
  15. The wake of all boats operated within the marina limits must not cause damage or discomfort to berthed boats and their occupants.
  16. All boats docked in the marina shall observe and comply with all health and sanitary regulations governing the waterways.
  17. All persons causing injury or damage to other persons, piers or other boats shall be liable therefore, and violations of marina rules, disorder, depredations, or indecorous conduct by a patron, his crew or guests that might injure a person, cause damage to property or harm the reputation of the marina is cause for immediate removal of the boat in question from the premises.
  18. Children and pets must be controlled to insure the peace and privacy of other marina occupants.
  19. All boats must have identification-name and/or number.
  20. Tenders and skiffs shall be stored on board of larger vessels or as directed by the management. They shall be marked or named as such identification recorded with the management.
  21. For your protection, sets of keys must be left with the management for emergency use.
  22. All tenants must furnish own mooring lines of sufficient strength and size or they will be replaced at owners expense.
  23. No labor other than yard labor may be employed on any boat in the yard or in the marina, with the exception of specialists not available in the yard, such as radio and refrigeration technicians. The services of such specialists may be arranged through the yard office. An owner wishing to engage an outside specialist directly must notify the yard of such engagement. Outside service men arriving at the yard may be refused admittance unless the owner has notified the yard office of their coming.
  24. No refunds will be made after space is assigned.
  25. It is understood that the management is not responsible for loss or damage by theft, fire or otherwise to boats or other property or contents thereof placed with the management for storage, repairs or testing. Boat owners, their families and guests agree to use the facilities at their own risk.
  26. Contract for summer dockage expires October 1st. Any boats remaining in the water after November 1st will be subject to daily charges.
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